Vasectomie sans bistouri et sans scalpel
Technique du Dr Stein






2 – Preparing for the procedure

  • Shave underneath the penis and on the front of the scrotum the day before your vasectomy. Since some alcohol is used to wipe the skin before using the MadaJet, freshly shaved skin could become slightly itchy if irritated.
  • Do not apply powder or deodorant to the genital area the day of the procedure.
  • If possible, arrange to have someone take you home. Some patients pass out during or shortly after their vasectomy (about 1 patient out of 100) and some pass out in the car on their way home. In Canada, about 1 patient out of 10,000 will have a car accident while driving home. If you must drive, please stay in the right lane of traffic to be able to stop if you are feeling unwell or dizzy.
  • Before your procedure, eat breakfast or lunch as usual. Men who are nervous or do not eat before the vasectomy are more likely to become dizzy during or after the procedure.
  • If you take Aspirin, please advise us before the operation.
  • After your vasectomy, plan to take it easy at home.