Docteur Jean-Philippe Bercier BSc, MD, CCFP





3 – Operation

  • A jet injector is used to shoot a very fine stream of anaesthesia that numbs the skin and penetrates it to a depth of 5 mm, which is sufficient to surround and freeze each tube (vas deferens) when these are immobilized under the numbed skin.
  • While the anaesthesia takes hold, the scrotum is cleaned and wrapped in a sterile manner.
  • The tube is manipulated into position just under the numbed skin.
  • It is immobilized under the skin with a holding clip; tissues are then delicately separated to reach the tube.
  • The tube is brought to skin level.
  • The upper cut end of the tube is cauterized (burnt) to make it close up through scarring.
  • A tiny titanium staple is then put in to ensure the ends of the tube are separated by a layer of tissue.
  • No stitching is required and the small opening closes up within a day.

No-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy