Simple and effective procedure with a 99% success rate.


"Went for a Vasectomy, service was great. Got appointment online, was called next day to schedule. Went in at the appointed time, sat for 2 minutes before I was called. Doctor was very polite and talked during the procedure to keep me relaxed. Procedure completed in about 5 minutes, super professional. All covered by RAMQ!"


"Very Professional and Knowledgeable. Takes the time to answer all your concerns/Questions. On time appointments and you are literally in and out in 20 minutes. The procedure itself was painless aside from the first sting to freeze you. After that you don't feel a thing. The procedure is about 10-15 minutes. Do not do anything rigorous the following 2-3 days and expect to feel some pain/discomfort for 7-10 days minimum depending on your body's ability to heal and handle pain. Overall a positive experience."


"Very good service from Dr. Bercier. He cares about his customers and takes the time to answer questions. Quick, effective and painless intervention."


"Thank'S!!! On time. Helpfull. Aucune douleur. La carte Soleil à tout payée même si ca été fait en Ontario. Merci de la disponibilité."


"Very professional, very human. I recommend Dr. Bercier for vasectomy, etc."


"Dr. Bercier is a very profesional and kind Doctor."


"Tres bonne visite le 8 Août à Montréal pour une procédure de Vasectomie accomplie très professionnellement par Dr. Bercier. Aucune attente, très bonne explication de la procédure qui elle même a été très rapide et sans douleurs. Je recommande sans hésitation aucune Dr.Bercier et son équipe. Pierre Pailler "


"Professional and perfectly bilingual. The whole process was a breeze. No waiting around for hours. 30 minutes and I was on my way back home. No pain at all."


"Professional, friendly. Made the whole procedure very simple and relaxed."


"I love this doctor wish it could be my family doctor. Great service professional and vary fast and comforting"


"Kind and emphatic. Explains with no hurry all questions I had. I’m Very pleased ."


"Everyone at Ruby medical clinic was smiley, friendly and helpful. Dr. Bercier was ponctual, polite, calm and extremely competent. My vasectomy was a breeze with none of the horror stories that I heard about. I strongly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Bercier for a vasectomy, you're in good hands!"


"Very reassuring Doctor. He tool the time to explain things and had a good sense of humour, which we appreciated. It was also nice having it done close to home at the Ruby Medical Clinic. Thank you again! Thank you!"


"Little more explanation rather then looking up on the internet!"


"We had a special case (pre-eclampsia) and given the circumstances, the situation was handled with ease. If the diagnosis hadn’t been identified and we weren’t admitted, the result could have been fatal. We came for a routine check-up and are going home with a healthy baby and mom. Dr. Bercier explains the pros and cons, but clearly states his professional opinion based on the facts of the case. We would like to give special mention also to the nursing staff at the Hawkesbury General hospital. Wow! Smart, personable and eager to help and support. Also, what a beautiful facility!!"


"Nothing against this doctor but I felt it necessary to call out his staff, who botched scheduling my appointment 2 times. I know it has nothing to do with the doctor, but it makes me very wary to trust my tender area with them if they can't even handle scheduling."


"Very good service explained everything he was doing."


"Followed us for the pregnancy of my wife and went threw the birthing process was very good!."


"Very nice, friendly, bilingual, reassuring and easy to get along with. Saw him in DDO."